Great Musicians Series

The Great Musician Series represents a milestone in homeschooling music history/appreciation education. This growing line of textbooks and supplementary materials focuses on the foundational musicians and composers that have had the greatest influence on musical composition and performance. These great masters have composed some of the most memorable and timeless musical pieces that we enjoy today. 
Our Great Musician Series pulls back the curtain to reveal the lives and times behind these great classical compositions. Explore the persons, places, and events that influenced the masters and the beautiful music they created. This series engages students of all ages, using all learning modalities, thereby providing the richest and most memorable learning experience for your children. We include a variety of materials that will help you deliver this wonderful musical education quickly and easily.

Each set starts with a textbook available in print, audio, and eBook format. Our textbooks deliver an engaging historical narrative that vividly sets the time and place for each great composer. In addition, Zeezok provides a range of supplementary materials that enhance your child’s learning experience. Companion CDs give your students the chance to listen to important selections written by the musician under study. Experiencing these selections aurally helps reinforce the text narrative and provide the emotional connection that only a musical performance can provide. This musical tieback provides auditory (music) and verbal (text) clues that promote understanding and retention. Relevant sheet music is also included to round out the experience, letting the learner see the notes and, perhaps, play them on his chosen instrument. In addition, Zeezok Publishing offers supplementary lapbooks that are chock full of hands-on activities that give your child insight into the life of the great composer. This sort of musical approach engages the student—using all modes of education—offering them the richest and most meaningful educational experience.